Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Mini White Occasional Table - £30

I purchased this tiny little table at the Malawi Mercy Shop Portstewart. I wanted to colour it white and put either nice wallpaper or floral material on top but getting a bit of glass to cover this proved difficult! So, I went ahead and handpainted a couple of coats of primer and then spray painted some white gloss on top - this way there are still visible brush strokes peeping through. Next, dad had a brainwave of tiling the top which is much more practical and hard wearing! We found the perfect one at a local store.

This redo is a little out of my comfort zone - it is actually the first time that I have painted and styled a complete piece of furniture white. Despite that, I think it looks well and would suit nearly any home.

The Girl Creative
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  1. I love it! such a differnce a little paint makes! great eye-

  2. Adorable! Great job

    Kisses from Portugal

  3. So pretty. It went from grandma to modern and trendy. Love it.

  4. Really nice article regarding Mini White Occasional Table. Those white tables are looking so great. I was thinking about to get some mini white table to match my home's white furniture . Anyway, thanks for your beautiful thoughts.