Friday, 23 April 2010

Drinks Cabinet

My mum spotted this at her charity shop and thought that with a little bit of my TLC it would look lovely in her porch.
This time, I wanted a nice green shade to match the room and I tried Farrow and Ball paint for the first time! After sanding down the cabinet and taking it apart, I painted three or four coats of
'Vert De Terre' using a brush and a mini roller. Then I varnished it with a satin finish, reassembled it, and added the cutest drawer pulls ever!

Coffee Table

I purchased this wooden coffee table at my usual charity shop (Malawi Mercy Group Portstewart) and it looked like it had already been painted a dark brown/black colour some time ago - so this took a lot of sanding down! As usual, I painted a good white undercoat to get things started. Then I painted several coats of 'Duck Egg' blue eggshell paint which I picked up at a 20% off weekend in Laura Ashley. I lightly sanded between each coat with wire wool and then applied two coats of clear varnish to finish things off. Isn't it lovely and shiny?! This table is currently on sale on

Grace's Chairs

Bought four of these chairs at a local charity shop (Malawi Mercy Group Portstewart), and was able to use the leftover 'Antique Grey' and 'Duck Egg' paint from my TV Unit make-over.
First I sanded each and then painted two of the chairs grey and two chairs green (no undercoat here!). My sister then recovered them in her favourite fabric and they now live in her kitchen!

Old TV Unit

My brother nabbed this beauty for free in the dump thinking that I might find a use for it and he was right...
So, I sanded it, painted an undercoat and then invested in two tins of standard B&Q paint in
'Antique Grey' and 'Duck Egg'. Then I painted the main areas in either grey or green.
For the stripes, I used masking tape and painted grey on top of the green. Finally, I screwed some hooks onto one side for all my lovely jewellery to hang :-) Hey presto - I have a new bedside cabinet!