Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Colour Charts

A while ago I decided that I needed a way of viewing my paint without opening the tin each time as the tins were beginning to give way around the lid..so, a 'mentor' as such advised me to go to a hardware shop and buy some wood where the men there would cut it for me but I knew my dad was the man for the job. As it happened, dad has plenty of thin wood in the garage and used a clipper thing to cut it into little strips the size that I wanted :). After painting them I printed out the name, colour and type of paint and stuck it on the back.

So here are all my paints lined up. I must admit that I thought I was very adventurous with paint colours until they were all infront of me and they are all very blue and grey....hmmm


  1. I see a cheeky little teal there too - I knew it!!

  2. hahaha i think you might be right there...i can't help it trish!