Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Chippy Table (Finally Finished!)

Phew I am glad that this project is over, ever get that feeling? I wrote a previous post about this called 'paint chalk disaster' so I won't bore you with all the details but will keep it brief :)

I got her at an auction and she looked like this
I couldn't decide what to do with it so in the meantime I primed it with this
Then I bought bought some Annie Sloan 'Old White' Chalk paint and it didn't go on how I liked - it was a terrible texture.

So I waxed it with Colron Clean wax and it still didn't look better. So I got out a wire brush and scrubbed like mad - it took hours upon hours upon hours!! At least I learnt something - that my primer and wax are very good quality and almost impossible to shift! It definately would have been an easier job had I not have primed this piece.

I sanded down the top as it looked terrible done 'chippy' and then used a brush to staint the wood twice. Next I added this cute crackled knob which my sister bought for me :)

And finally, another coat of wax and it is done! I really love the texture on this piece, I don't think that the photos do it justice but there are loads of layers coming through.

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  1. LOVE this redo!!! Great piece! You did put a lot of work into it, but it looks great! I too had trouble with the chalk paint texture. I figured it was the heat. I had better success when I painted inside.

    Also, thanks for visiting my blog! :)

  2. i love the distressing! the legs of the table are gorgeous!

  3. Gorgeous....now following....come on over for a visit...look forward to visiting your blog often...Mariaelena

  4. I love this piece! Isn't it funny how things that seem like disasters often turn out to be the best pieces!