Sunday, 7 August 2011


Friday was an exciting day, I was painting a few doors in my house in the morning (as you do) and then I heard the sound of a large lorry outside and got quite excited - it was a delivery of furniture which my client had bought and wanted me to paint. I hadn't seen these babies yet so was a bit like a child on Christmas morning!
The first was this gorgeous wardrobe which she wanted done in cream and gold

It came in pieces, here is the bottom of the wardrobe - a nice deep drawer which was solid but heavy and hard to open
 If you look a little closer it's left handle is missing a ring

It has a lovely vintage rail and fabric inside

Nice, yes?
Next up is the second piece, 

a chunky dresser with cute, smooth running drawers and a mirror which was broken. We got quite excited at this point, my client wanted me to take the mirror off, add a cushion and make this into a seat! She wanted it painted in cow print like this

except done using gloss white and black. Our plan for the cushion was some chunky foam covered in black velvet. Can you picture it?

 And then

In BOTH pieces!

SO, plans are now scrapped
 furniture is to be picked up and returned to shop
and client is a little sad :(

Keep tuned for more cow print though - I have a feeling another piece will pop up soon!


  1. Oh nooooo!!! That's so sad! What an AMAZING wardrobe piece that is, gorgeous with so much history! Too bad :(


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