Monday, 12 September 2011

There's A New Sheriff in Town!

This word will probably be all you will hear from me in the near future as it is...wait for new stockist! Woohoo! It is all very exciting, let me explain to you a bit better..
I recieved an email from a facebook follower a few months ago saying that a friend of hers wanted to talk business with me, well one thing led to another and we met up, chatted, giggled a little and she told me her dream of opening a shop locally where people coud buy quality designer and vintage goods at affordable prices. She was ture to her word and now the shop, named 'Revival', is due to open on October the 1st! It is located on Railway Road Coleraine, and let me tell you now that it will be the place to be - Sandy has so many visions and ideas for the shop that I know it will be buzzing.
Anyway here is where I come in, there is a designer who she is working alongside to get the shop looking authentic and she wants me to paint furniture to display all her gorgeous designer garments, dresses and vintage jewellery on. All this 'display' furniture will also be available to buy, and in addition to this she wants to sell a range of my furniture in the shop! 

Here is a taster of my first completed piece for the shop...

Isn't she sophisticated? I am a happy bunny today, and tomorrow I will tell you all how I gave this mirror a Pretty Unique Furniture makeover!

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