Friday, 16 September 2011

"who is the fairest of them all?"

That's right, this is my second mirror redo of the week and I think that it is my favourite of the two although my photos don't show this in all it's glory.. Like the last mirror, this one is also for my client Sandy's new shop 'Revival'.

This is basically how it arrived, except by this time I my dad had taken the mirror out

It is made from plastic and had various cracks which we tried to glue up. Also, we put a very high grab adhesive bonding along the top back to try and give the mirror more strength.

Next I took out a brush and lightly dabbed on some paint which I had used on another piece called 'French Grey' by Farrow & Ball. I love the tones of this shade, they are nice and dusky and earthy.
Here she is;

Furniture Feature Fridays

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

'Mirror, mirror on the wall'...

A client, Sandy, brought me this mirror to be re-vamped for her new shop. I think she bought it locally, and it looked a little...dingy boring sad?
But we could see that she has pretty curves in all the right places, and was in good condition. Sandy made the call for her to be finished in cream and gold, and I'm glad that she did. I set to work with masking tape and newspaper (I find that the easiest and quickest way to do this is to first tape all around the outside with masking tape and then stick the newspaper ontop of the tape that is already down).
I quickly sprayed it completely with some gold paint that I purchased in local craft shop... (you can sneak a look at another table that I am working on but that's a longgger story for another day)

Once this was dry, I brushed on some Annie Sloan Chalk paint in 'Old White'. This paint was ideal for a number of reasons; I knew it would adhese to the spray paint no problem, it dries within an hour or two, it would only need one coat, and it distresses beautifully. I allowed it to settle for a few days and then set to work distressing it with a wet sponge all along the edges and ornate settings. Finally, I waxed on one coat with my usual Colron Clear Wax to secure the chalk paint to the frame and to protect it.
Here she is!

Furniture Feature Fridays

Monday, 12 September 2011

There's A New Sheriff in Town!

This word will probably be all you will hear from me in the near future as it is...wait for new stockist! Woohoo! It is all very exciting, let me explain to you a bit better..
I recieved an email from a facebook follower a few months ago saying that a friend of hers wanted to talk business with me, well one thing led to another and we met up, chatted, giggled a little and she told me her dream of opening a shop locally where people coud buy quality designer and vintage goods at affordable prices. She was ture to her word and now the shop, named 'Revival', is due to open on October the 1st! It is located on Railway Road Coleraine, and let me tell you now that it will be the place to be - Sandy has so many visions and ideas for the shop that I know it will be buzzing.
Anyway here is where I come in, there is a designer who she is working alongside to get the shop looking authentic and she wants me to paint furniture to display all her gorgeous designer garments, dresses and vintage jewellery on. All this 'display' furniture will also be available to buy, and in addition to this she wants to sell a range of my furniture in the shop! 

Here is a taster of my first completed piece for the shop...

Isn't she sophisticated? I am a happy bunny today, and tomorrow I will tell you all how I gave this mirror a Pretty Unique Furniture makeover!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

New LooT!

Hello everybody, I know that I have been away for a while so here are a few tasters for y'all!
These pieces came to me at the weekend and are for a client who is opening a new vintagey/second-hand/designer shop in Coleraine and wants me to paint these for her. So, they will be available for you all to buy next month, just at her shop.

This frame is wood effect. Isn't she curvy!
 Love this retro table, it will have a glass top on it when I am finished
 And this frame has seen better days, it is quite light plastic with a few broken joins but hopefully it will be transformed into a beautiful mirror