Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Client #1

Last week I had a real milestone with my first consultation with a client! The gentleman was looking for a display cabinet with lights, loads of shelves and painted in his favourite Liverpool (Bright!) red. Homemakers Discounts knew that I had a cabinet in the garage and kindly pointed him in my direction...A few phone calls later and I had my first consultation for a customised piece of furniture :). As it turned out, the cabinet has loads of beautiful detailing down the front panels whereas my client wanted something clearer and plain to really show off his items. After sourcing around locally I couldn't find a second-hand one that would suit, but was able to source some new ones for him at a price that was reasonable. So, he left a happy customer and I learnt how this business works and with a local client who will pass on the word of what I am doing here.

P.S don't worry - I have something else up my sleeve for the cabinet!


  1. Congratulations on your first client. I am sure he will pass your name along!