Sunday, 20 February 2011

Damsel in Distress

You might remember this display cabinet from an earlier post - believe it or not it was nearly painted a bright glossy red...
After looking through other blogs, I was inspired to do something more elegant with it. This one from The Frosted Gardner caught my eye - isn't it just lovely?!
So, I bought a couple of cans of black matt spray paint as the thought of painting this by hand was too much for me!! I learnt from 'The Mad Hatter' china cabinet that 10 hours wouldn't even come close to how long it would take with a brush! I didn't use a primer on this as I knew that I would be distressing it so I didn't need a perfect finish, also, black gives good coverage. It was more expensive using the spray paint but it was so so so worth it!! I had several coats of it covered in no time and then just used a roller and some left-over paint that I had for the back and bottom.
My next step was to paper on the back with wallpaper paste- I didn't take the back off for this as there was loads of room for me to get at it from the side, so that saved me time too. I used a metallic silver wallpaper which has gold detailing on it which helps to bring out the yellow stained glass on the doors. After this, I had fun distressing it! A final coat of walnut wood stain rubbed on and then buffed off helped to smooth everything over.

This is for sale! I am not much of a photographer but it really does have lovely detailing in real life so if you would like to give it a home then you can do one of the below;
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  1. that is just beautiful!!!!! such an elegant piece, and now the beautiful glass really stands out.

  2. I love it in the black! Simply elegant, it does show off the glass so nicely!

  3. Thank you so much for mentioning our blog! We appreciate your kind words. Your piece is beautiful! Really a one of a kind. I am sure you will sell it in no time.

  4. Great piece. I can't picture it in red, I think the black is perfect.

  5. It is such a beautiful piece and the black really does make it look elegant.