Thursday, 10 February 2011

Cola to Clean?

At the minute I am working on a display cabinet and am trying to clean up these dingy hinges and nails. I wanted to keep them as they are the original ones although the way they are looking at the minute I might just have to buy new ones.

Do any of you have any tips for this? I tried steeping them in coca cola overnight - didn't work. Then I tried a silver polish which you rub on with a sponge and then polish off - it was a bit of an improvement but the grime is still there!! C'mon and share the wisdom guys!


  1. yes yes!!! line a pot with aluminum foil... fill with water and add a couple tablespoons of baking soda (there is a recipe on line somewhere if you want to be accurate) bring to boil and then place your pieces in there for a few minutes each... remove and let cool and then wipe clean with a rag. i have used this before and it works beautifully. i used some very vvery fine steel wool to help with the really hard spots, too.

  2. Thank you Cassie!! I am excited as I have all these things! Will let you know..

  3. that cassie is so smart! :)

    I hope it worked for you. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment.


  4. It took two turns of boiling these up in bicarbonate of soda (do you have that in the states?) to get them clean, and then a little polish. I think they will do the job! Thanks :)